Great Tips For When Planning A Visit To Aspen, Colorado

Great Tips For When Planning A Visit To Aspen, Colorado

Aspen is one of the most popular ski resorts in the entire world and once you get there you quickly figure out why this is the case. Everything is stunning and you will have so much to do that you will surely want to spend at least a few weeks on your vacation. The problem is that the ski resort is quite filled with tourists so you do want to be sure that your planning is as good as it could be. Obviously, you already know that you need to book vacation rentals in Aspen early but there are many things that you most likely do not know. This is what we will focus on below trying to help you plan an even more memorable Aspen, Colorado visit.

Get Your Ski Passes Early

It is a very good idea to buy your lift tickets from the internet before reaching Aspen. This is really easy to do since you just need a single pass and you can visit absolutely all mountains. For instance, you can start with some easy rides on Buttermilk and then be challenged on Aspen Highlands. Discounts are now available for the multi-day tickets. Use the internet to check trail maps and get your passes early and you will not have to run around wasting time while in Aspen.

Don’t Underestimate The Altitude

Never plan skiing for the day when you arrive in Aspen. You are not going to be able to quickly hit the slopes. Aspen’s altitude is around 8000 feet, which is not what your body is most likely used to. You have to deal with the presence of a lower quality of oxygen. The body does need time to get used to that.

Since Aspen is seen as being expensive by most people, you do want to take advantage of every single moment you spend in the resort. Because of this, it is a good idea to fly the night/day before hitting the mountain. The downtime that appears should be used to rest and let the body get used to the new atmosphere.

Remember that common altitude sickness symptoms include headaches, shortness of breath, physical fatigue and diminished appetite. If you experience this, take it slow and make sure you drink enough water as the body needs. Do not drink caffeine or alcohol for at least 24 hours after reaching Aspen.

While Prices Are High…

Experienced travelers will tell you that every single travel destination is cheap or expensive based on what you do. The same goes for Aspen, even if it is considered as being a playground for those that are really rich. There is absolutely no shortage of options to spend money. With this in mind, if you want to save money on your Aspen trip, consider the following:

  • When You Want To Go To Aspen – Set computer alerts for the cheap flights taking you to Denver International. A shuttle bus can then take you to Aspen for just $120.
  • Lodging – Conduct a good research since there are even hostels that offer you a free room. Prices wildly vary so you want to find those that are the most appropriate based on your current budget. If looking for cheap accommodations, Airbnb is your best bet.
  • Lift Tickets – As already mentioned, buy ahead of time to save around $50.
  • When Eating – You can always bring your own lunch when you are on the mountain and free coffee is usually available at resorts at the base. Happy hours are available at many restaurants and you should take advantage of this for $10 pizza and even $3 beers. Also, do not forget to talk to locals as they can easily point you in the right direction when you want something cheaper.
  • Transportation – Use free shuttles.

Never Rent A Car

If you do this, you just waste money. Aspen is 100% walkable and most hotels have complimentary car services you can use. Tourists can easily take advantage of free public transportation that can take you wherever you want to go. This does include the popular gondola and most popular trails. An app is available for the public system. Download and use it before arriving.

Respect Local Rules About Celebrities

Aspen is the sort of place where it is hard not to see some celebrities. Even so, nobody approaches the celebrities. It is just something that is respected and that locals want to see. People like Jack Nicholson, Howard Shultz and Jeff Bezos own Aspen homes. Also, locals are all around you. It is a very good idea to talk to them because of the fact that you can hear a lot about the untold local stories you cannot find online.

People In Aspen Love Dogs

In Colorado there are laws that ban animals in those places that serve food but Aspen does not respect this. In Aspen you will see dogs all around you since the entire resort really loves man’s best friend. You will see huge dogs staying at the feet of their owners in restaurants and when you visit a trail, you are actually offered free leashes in the event you forgot your own. Dogs are often on the trails and have fun, just like humans.

It should be added that although you can always travel with your dog and he will be warmly welcomed, there is a rent a dog program that you can experience in Aspen. This means you can hang out with a dog for an entire day. What is interesting is that these dogs are up for adoption and most of them actually do get adopted through this program.

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